We buy Land.

My name is Grant - and we are a local, family investor team that specializes in buying "wild" and unattended land. We then breath new life into it with the hard work, care, and creative planning necessary to make it enjoyable for future generations of happy landowners.

Our first priority is to make you (the seller) happy. We want to help you achieve your goals!

We do that by:

  • Taking care of everything including all fees involved so you can worry about what is most important to you.

  • We work with title companies to ensure a professional transaction.

  • We make multiple offers (including fast cash), so we can find the best fit for your situation.

  • Our goal is a fast and easy sale.

Received a Postcard?
Looking to sell?

We are a real, local family team that sent you that postcard. We will work with you personally and through a professional title company to safely come to a happy conclusion for you and us. Please enter in the information below and we will contact you promptly to discuss 100% real offers to buy your land.

PO Box 740 Alvord TX 76225

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Thank you!

We make the promise to deal fairly with you, and to help you achieve your goals.